Push Notification mockup icon: Are they safe?

Push Notification mockup icon

Push Notification mockup icon are used digitally and functionally across different platforms. Push notifications are a great way to deliver new information or updates to users. These are mostly integrated into a browser to allow websites to show information to their viewers, in the form of alerts.

The Push Notifications are a part of a feature that is provided to the users as well as the publisher of any website/app to inform about any activity that is crucial enough to get notified about and this makes it a very handy option overall, but scammers and hackers take advantage of this function and abuse it to lure innocent users on the internet.

Let’s find out how it works and how you can save yourself from getting exploited.

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How does a Push Notification mockup icon scam works?

Whenever you visit a website, a pop-up or alert is shown to you. Usually, these are safe and are integrated into it to allow the website to notify the users about any new updates or news of any kind. They can be extremely helpful in providing relevant information to its users and that’s why the users allow this feature, in order to stay subscribed to a particular website.

Unfortunately, hackers and scammers have found a way to exploit it and are using it more often than you think. They lure you into enabling these notifications in your browser by showing attractive offers or premium features for free, in order to tempt you and once you enable them in the browser, they then start targeting you for your data and even track your browser activity to figure out your browsing behavior. Push Notification mockup icons are also used among the design industry and if you are looking for mockups or icons then find the link above.

This data helps them to analyze what kind of stuff you are into, based on this data they start sending you a number of notifications that may contain a malware link, and clicking on it can cause you a lot of damage from anywhere between redirecting you to a webpage with hundreds of Ads for fake products, blacklisting your IP address on the web or it can even expose your banking details.

How to protect yourself from these attacks/scams?

In order to protect yourself from these scams, the first thing you will need to do is to learn how to manage these notifications. Notifications in general, are just alerts that pop up in the upper left corner of the browser window. Due to the indistinguishable similarity between a fake and genuine notification, it is really hard for a user to identify which one is real and which one is fake. So, it is advisable to allow notifications for a website only if you trust that website and if the website has a trusted user base or traffic that hops onto it regularly.

As discussed and mentioned above Push Notification mockup icon disguise themselves as a useful feature but in the hands of non experienced web users it can be a deceptive bug that do a lot of damage by over taking the browser controls.

Another thing to note is that a trusted website that is respected on the web would never contain a link in the notification popup and if it does then it’s clearly a red flag.

If a website is not allowing you to click on the “Disable” or “Not Now” option then closing that window would be the best thing to do.

In short, if you haven’t heard of the sender of these notifications or if you come across a website that you are not familiar with then just ignore them. Trust me, not everything deserves your attention.

In case, you think you have enabled or allowed these notifications by toggling them “ON” in your browser then all you need to do is disable them. Follow the instructions below to do so. Push Notification mockup icon should be avoided if they come up with clickable links as it could be a sign of something bad.

Removing/Disabling the Push Notifications on your browser

Sometimes you don’t remember allowing the Push Notifications in your browser or you may have enabled them by mistake in the past. Worry not, because I will show you exactly how you can check your browser for websites that has push notifications turned on or which websites have these notifications disabled. Push Notification mockup icon is generally a good feature to keep your user or visitor updated but if these Push Notification mockup icons starts redirecting the users to other irrelevant information then it is a sign of Push Notification mockup icon that is not so good.

Checking “Push Notifications” status in Chrome Browser:

  1. From the upper right corner click on the three dots and locate the “Settings” option.
  2. From the “Settings” panel find the “Privacy and Settings” option and click to open it.
  3. In the “Privacy and Settings” menu you will see the “Site Settings” option click on it and scroll to find the “notifications” option.
  4. The “notification” menu will show you all the websites that are allowed to send you to push notifications and which one are disabled. You can edit, and change their status from allowed to blocked or vice versa
  5. You are all set.

Checking “Push Notifications” status in Firefox:

  1. Click on the menu and select “Settings”
  2. Look for “Privacy & Security” in the left panel.
  3. Find the “Permissions” option and click on it.
  4. On the right of the “notifications”, click on the “Settings” option.
  5. Click on the “Remove” option to remove or block websites.
  6. You are all done.

After performing these steps, it is also advised to clear cache and cookies from the browser. Push Notification mockup icons or just the push notifications should be set to default, keeping you away from any unnecessary traps.

Comment down below to let us know if this was helpful or if you have any questions regarding this or anything else in general.

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