Top Mystery Tales Game series order for Android 2023

mystery tales game series order
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Before going in deep with mystery tales game series order, Let’s talk about the best mystery games that android has to offer. Mystery games have been around since forever. There’s something about them that keeps the player hooked and a good mystery game has some kind of power that makes a player keep coming back to it until they solve it but that’s the purpose of such games.

Over the years, such games have dominated their respective genre and have delivered pretty good games for PC, PlayStation and mobile devices. Today we will take a look at some of these games for the android platform:

Top Mystery tales game series order for Android

Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery

Developed by Kiary Games, “Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery” is probably one of the best mystery games for android users. The game is rated 4.7 on Google Play Store with over 273K reviews, the interface, storyline, clues, gameplay everything justifies this game’s ratings.

The story is about a small town of Redcliff. You are a private detective, whose father has sent a letter asking for help of some kind. So, you decide to go this town but upon reaching there you are shocked to find out that nobody lives there anymore and the whole city is completely empty.

You have to find out what happened to everybody including your father. Explore the city for clues and solve puzzles to carry out a successful investigation. This game stands as number one in the mystery tales game series order.

Good Luck!

Awards: The game has grabbed multiple awards over the year as well, including the Best Indie Game – Google Play 2019, Best Mobile Game – Indie Prize Award, Best Mobile Game – DevGAMM’2019, Best Mobile Game – GTP Indie Cup W’19, TOP 20 – Indie Games Showcase from Google Play.

Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure

Developed by Big Giant Games, “Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure” is an escape game that is an equal blend of prison escape and puzzle adventure.

The story revolves around you when you suddenly find yourself charged as a criminal and locked up in an old city prison. You have to quickly figure out a way to logically find your way out of this prison or else!

This game offers multiple scenarios with multiple locations, grabbing your attention and keeping you busy for a long time. This game can also be played offline. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and try this mystery filled prison escape game today. This game stands as number three and overall it has been placed as number two in the mystery tales game series order.

Duskwood – Detective Story

One of the best investigation stories ever!!!

“Duskwood – Detective Story” is probably the best one on this list, if you are interested in playing an investigation-based game. The game’s storyline is going to keep you hooked for the entire time its twist and turns.

The story features a case where a girl named Hannah has been missing for more 72 hours without a trace and out of nowhere, her friends receives a text from her. The mysterious text only contains a number… your number! This game acquired the number three in the mystery tales game series order, but it is expected to climb up in the future. This one stands as number four in the mystery tales game series order.

Good Luck solving this one!

Unwanted Experiment

This low sized game is developed by Dark Dome. The motive of the game is pretty simple but the game is still quite interesting. The game has dark elements in it with a storyline that involves a scientist who wants to conduct mysterious experiments on you, for which he has already kidnapped you as well. You have to quickly figure out a way to escape this madman before he violates you. This game stands as number five in the mystery tales game series order but can it expected to rise in the near future considering its story line.


Criminal Case

Another award winning crime investigation game. Criminal Case is not just a “find the logic” type game instead this is finding the hidden object type games. You have to look closely and find objects from the scene and only then you would advance in the story.

The plot is pretty simple, you have to help the police department of grim borough to solve a series of murder cases in this captivating hidden object, adventure game. Investigate the crime scenes for clues, bring in the suspects and solve the case. This game stands as number six in the mystery tales game series order but has the most downloads and positive ratings from it’s fan.

Have fun with this one!

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