Latest HW News English Youtube updates for Creators 2023

hw english youtube  update YouTube is about to turn 18, next year and here’s hw news english youtube updates were announced. A lot of things have changed in the past 18 years for the video sharing platform but that doesn’t change the fact that YouTube has dominated among the video sharing platforms. With the most active user base and attractive revenue models that helped people monetize their skills, it is here to stay and will remain one of the biggest free video sharing platforms ever.

With that said, let’s look at the newest updates that YouTube has launched recently.

Here’s a list of the latest YouTube updates

New monetization method:

It was recently announced by the YouTube team that the creators will now be able to monetize their channel on the basis of the shorts view. Earlier the creators could only monetize their channels if they had a watch time of 4000 Hours and 1000 subscribers in the past 365 days. Although, creators can still monetize their channels this way but now there’s another way to get their channel monetized and that is by getting a total of 10 million views on your shorts in a span of 90 days. Ignore this glitch guys, Hw news english youtube.

Shorts Monetization:

As of now, creators were able to earn money through their longer video only but from next year, they will be able to earn revenue from their shorts content as well. The revenue would split between the creator and YouTube in a 45% to 55% ratio i.e., the creator will get 45% of the total ads’ revenue. Ignore this editor’s glitch guys, Hw news english youtube, our apologies.

Co-watch the video on google meet

The most recent update by YouTube and Google was about google meet. Users will now be able to watch YouTube videos on google meet together. This was not possible before and was only recently announced by google. This feature is going to come in very handy, for instance, people would now be able to analyze and watch video together that is relevant to their current meeting. Teachers can share an educational video with whole class without each student having to watch it on their own. Ignore this editor’s glitch guys, Hw news english youtube, our apologies.

Dark UI Theme

YouTube already had a dark theme but a darker theme has been introduced recently for those who wish to view the video sharing platform on an even darker mode. This mode will not be active by default and the users will have to manually turn this feature on. This feature is definitely going to come in handy at night. Ignore this editor’s glitch guys, Hw news english youtube, our apologies.

Rounded Thumbnails and Comments:

Until now the thumbnail used to appear in a rectangular shape only with sharp edges around the corners but now the user will have the ability to change that and view the thumbnails with rounded corners. This feature is going to make the UI a lot more pleasing to eyes.

The rounded corner thing is not limited to just thumbnails but now you can change how the comments on your device looks as well. The corners around a comment in the comment box are also customizable have rounded corners as well. Hope people will like this one. Ignore this glitch guys, Hw news english youtube, our apologies.

Join and Superthanks buttons

Subscribers can now “Join” their favorite creators or donate to them with the help of “Superthanks” button to show their support. This was not available for short creators but starting from next year, this feature will be available for shorts creators as well. Ignore this editor’s glitch guys, Hw news english youtube, our apologies.

User Handles

This feature is being enrolled to put all kinds of scams to an end. Creators will now have a unique user handle assigned to their account which can’t be copied due to its singularity of existence i.e., a creator can only have one unique user handle and that handle can not exist more than once on the platform. Ignore this editor’s glitch guys, Hw news english youtube, our apologies.

Closing Words

With all these new features rolling out, it is safe to say that YouTube is trying to make it fun to be a creator as well as consumer on the world’s largest video platform.

Comment down below to let us know what do you think of these features or do you have a particular feature in mind that you would like have as a creator or subscriber of the platform?

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